Дата публікації: 2018-11-27

COMPANY “SEA SPECIAL PORT NIKA-TERA Limited” continues to increase its cargo turnover, reaching on November 25, 2018, in less than 11 months, the historical result of transshipment of 5 million tons.

Last weekend at the berths of COMPANY “SSP NIKA-TERA Ltd.” for company Louis Dreyfus the loading of the largest capacity vessel of the Panamax type in the history of the port – m/v ULTRA PUMA was completed. In the water area of ​​the sea terminal, the transshipment of corn for a dry cargo ship was a maximum of 51,550 thousand tons. In total, the total load of the vessel at the berths and on the roads will be more than 73 thousand tons. It should be noted that during the processing of the ULTRA PUMA vessel, the loading rate reached a record 20,366 thousand tons per day.

To date, the COMPANY “SSP NIKA-TERA Ltd.” has transported more than 5 million tons of cargo, which is 20% higher than the cargo turnover for the whole 2017.