Date of publication: 2019-09-03

Volume of transshipment of “Sea Special Port (SSP) NIKA-TERA” as a part of Group DF based on the performance results in August 2019 reached almost a million, specifically 965 thousand tons. This indicator exceeded previous absolute record for monthly transshipment, achieved in November 2018, by 123 thousand tons or by 12.7%.

In total during January – August 2019 “NIKA-TERA” Port carried out transshipment of 5.36 million tons. Major cargoes were grain crops, legumes and oilseeds accounting for 68.7% of the total transshipment volume.

Over the period of eight months 272 vessels among which 43 – in August, have been processed at the berths of “NIKA-TERA” Port.

It is also worth noting that already on August 19 of the ongoing year “NIKA-TERA” Port has crossed 5-million mark for transshipment.