Date of publication: 2019-08-14

A mobile automatic tipper equipped with its own chassis began to work at the Company “ SSP NIKA-TERA Lt.”, which allows unloading goods from vehicles at any point in the port at the desired floor warehouse.

The automatic tipper is a hydraulic 16-meter mobile platform consisting of the lower and upper frames mounted on a triaxial chassis.

After the second cargo area was re-qualified at the Company “ SSP NIKA-TERA Lt.” last year with the acceptance of mineral fertilizers for grain crops and meal, the need arose for unloading not only railway wagons, but also unloading goods from motor vehicles. In this regard, a decision was made by the port authorities to introduce new unloading methods using a mobile type truck unloader. This type of tipper allows using a conventional tractor to move it around the territory, organizing the unloading of vehicles near the required floor warehouse or at the unloading station for cars, thereby speeding up the unloading process and increasing the efficiency of the entire unloading and loading process.

The platform is already being used at Company “ SSP NIKA-TERA Lt.” for unloading grain from road trains. The automatic tipper allows you to lift vehicles with a carrying capacity of up to 80 tons, a length of 22 meters, a width of 3 meters at an elevation angle of 38 degrees.