• Convenient geographic location.

    The port is located on the left bank of Bug estuary at distance of 34 km away from the Black Sea. Bug-Dnieper estuary canal leads to the port enabling to pilot vessels of declared draught of up to 10,3 m. The approach canal and the port operational waters area is of 67,4 ha.

  • Year-round navigation.

    At any time of a day throughout a year without suspension of navigation in winter time. Under the ice conditions the vessels are piloted by convoys.

  • Wide quayage.

    The port is equipped with 7 quays of total length of approximately 1600 meters with depths ranging from 10,5 to 11,75 meters.

  • Package of services for Clients.

    As of today the Company`s capabilities enable to transship, store, prepare and ship the stores. «Nika-Tera» renders the service of loading of multi-crops carrying vessels, namely simultaneous loading of three crops on the same vessel.

  • Regularly developing infrastructure and loading-technical capabilities.

    Loading and unloading complex of Port «Nika-Terа» consists of four specialized areas of cargoes:
    the first area of cargoes specializes in grain cargoes,
    the second one – grain cargoes and mineral fertilizers,
    the third one — loose cargoes of ground storage, liquid bulk cargoes and packaged-piece cargoes,
    the fourth one – exclusively liquid bulk cargoes, vegetable oils of sunflower and other crops such as rape and soya.

    The port is furnished with 5 wagon unloading stations, 2 motor vehicles unloading stations.
    Weighing complexes located at the port enable to weigh the loads delivered by motor vehicles as well as by railway vehicles.

    Also at the port there functions the port`s own certificated cereal laboratory.
    The Sea Specialized Port is equipped with 4 loading machines of 1000-1500 tons/hour capacity, 6 gantry cranes of lifting capacity of 16-36 tons as well as 3 mobile cranes of lifting capacity of 24-64 tons. Quantity of the terminal`s small special machinery is of 58 units of lifting capacity of 1,5-35 tons.

    Besides, marine terminal «Nika-Tera» is capable to simultaneously load with grain crops 3 vessels of length of 230 m using 3 loading machines of capacity of up to 1500 tons per hour.

  • Developed logistics of the port: new highly developed railway complex and expanded parking lots.

    Inbound and outbound logistics of «Nika-Tera» enables to handle cargoes receiving of up to 300 motor vehicles and up to 734 railway vehicles per day.

    The port possessed the railroad complex including dead-end tracks, approach tracks and inner tracks of total length exceeding 22 km and 8 locomotives with the right to rail on «Ukrzaliznytsya»`s railway tracks. Availability of the port`s own parking lots and 4 entries-exits for rolling stock provides prompt and high-quality performance of cargo handling.

  • Warehousing operations for different cargo classifications.

    In the port`s territory there are located 6 floor storage warehouses amongst which 5 warehouses are used for grain crops of total volume of simultaneous storage of up to 125 000 tons and 1 warehouse is designed for mineral fertilizers of volume of 40 000 tons.

    Besides, the port possesses 18 silos of capacity of 160 000 tons, ground storage warehouses for storage of bulk cargoes of total capability of 170 000 tons depending on cargo classifications (clay, coal, wood chips, general cargoes).
    As the additional option the grain complex provides possibility to refine the grain, namely: perform operations of cleaning and drying to improve condition of the grain cargoes.

    The oil transshipment complex includes 3 technological parks consisting of 18 storage tanks of simultaneous volume of separate or shared storage of 33 000 tons.

  • Highly-qualified personnel.

    More than 1200 employees work in our Clients` interests.